Alzatex Timer

The Alzatex Timer, an automated digital timer specifically designed for timing speeches, has become a hit among speakers across the country! Alzatex Timers are more than just timers to manage speakers. Alzatex also, has timing equipment in Sports, Manufacturing, and many other areas that timing is critical. This page is just a few of the many testimonials Alzatex receives on their Digital Timing Equipment. From may different industries.
Here is what people are saying:

“Well, we completed a successful Stock Outboard and Junior Class National Championship race on Saturday, which was a five day event. The clock worked flawlessly throughout the entire event. We had many compliments on the clock. One of the participants from the East Coast thought he would like to purchase one for their club. …..the clock is great.” – Tom Johnston Michigan Hydroplane

“I have been looking for a digital timer with warning lights for a number of years, for use in our law school moot courts. The Alzatex Timer is easy to use and extremely flexible, storing up to five user programmable timer programs, each with three time triggers for warning lights. Two thumbs up!”
– H.L.B., St. Paul, MN

“We purchased the Alzatex Time Keeper Timer for our Toastmasters Club and have been very pleased with its ease of use and reliability. We use it weekly and have not had any problems in the year we have had it.”
– T.W.W., Odessa, Texas

” Helps keep our club on track!” – R.B.H., Westminster, CO

“When our 30 year old timer died, we found the Alzatex Timer. It is compact, and effective for its purpose. It has taken a little bit of effort to teach some of our “old dogs” the new tricks. But we are thankful to once again have an automated timing device.” – William Banard

“We have been using the Alzatex Time Keeper at our club for several months now. Prior to purchasing the timer, we were using a home-made light box which looked amateurish. The addition of the Alzatex Time Keeper has raised the level of professionalism in our meetings.” – D.D.

“I really enjoyed working with the alzatex timer. I’m not the biggest techie person in the world, but it was very easy, very simple to use, and it takes the guesswork out of things. It eliminates the human error. I think it’s a very good device!” – R.V.

“I wanted to comment on the alzatex timer that is promoted on the page you sent us to for the timing sheet. It is great! I just received one about 15 minutes ago in the mail for our club and I am very impressed! I knew it was a compact unit, but it is even smaller than I had expected and filled with the features we need for our meetings. It is well worth the price plus shipping and it arrived in less than a week. It will elevate the position of timer to a new level!” – G.T.

“The alzatex timer is great and enables us to easily just push a button to set up for table topics, or a 5-7 minute speech. The Green, Yellow and Red lights come on automatically making the timing of a speech automatic for the Timer.” – Anonymous

“One of the greatest advantages of the alzatex timer is that it frees me up to fully listen to all of the speakers. I no longer have to stare at the stopwatch and remember to turn the knob on the light box to display the green, yellow and red lights. The alzatex timer does it all for me – I just have to start and stop it! I also love that it’s so small and light. What a wonderful product!” – D.V.

“The Alzatex timer is reasonably priced and easy to work with. I strongly recommend it for any speaking group.” – Anonymous

“I frequently host webinars for my business. I’ve recently started using the Alzatex timer during the webinars so that I know when to begin wrapping up the presentation. The green, yellow and red lights allow me to know where I am in the presentation so that I can speed up or slow down as needed. I highly recommend the Alzatex Timer for all types of public speaking – online and offline.” – K.L.