Electronic request to speak system

Request to Speak System


The Request to Speak System by Alzatex, Inc. is a very popular management control to allow timely sorting of public speakers, orderly ques for meetings that can display each speaker on a digital board, and/or for management of votes at a public meeting or any type of conference.

Control of these types of Request to Speak System gatherings has historically been very problematic and aggravating. Long winded speakers can now know exactly how long they have to speak and will have a green to go light to indicate when to start speaking, a yellow indication light to let them know it is close to the end of their time allotment and a red light along with a polite beep if need be to signal the end of their speaking time. This gives a very easy to manage way to control a variety of speaking or voting situations. The time savings alone will be clearly evident and save more than enough money to justify purchasing this type of system.
Queuing System

The Alzatex Queuing System is designed to assist a chairperson in conducting orderly meetings. As speakers’names are placed in queue, their names will appear on an OLED display. Each speaker will be called in turn as indicated by the OLED Display. A second OLED display in the control room permits him/her to pre-focus the camera on the next speaker for a more professional live or recorded video broadcast.
Voting System

The Alzatex Voting System is useful in city council, planning commission or anywhere a number of persons may be voting on various issues. The voting system provides a secret ballot electronically. Once everyone has voted, the results are displayed on a large wall display.
Queuing/Voting System

The Alzatex Queuing System can be combined with the Alzatex Voting System to form an integrated Queuing/Voting System.

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