Lectern Timer TMR221B8_FM

Lectern Timer, Count Up/Down Timer, Flush-mount with time-of-day clock, four-digit LED Display, 3 stored presets, and Red-Yellow-Green LEDs, Black powder coated aluminum.


 Lectern Timer Operation

Momentarily press to Start the timer, press again to stop it.

Momentarily press to Reset to a preset time in Count Down mode (default) or Zero in Count Up mode. Press and hold to store a power-up Preset timer configuration. Set the time to zero and then press and hold Reset to return to factory default power-up.

Momentarily press to switch between Count Down (default) and Count Up Modes.

Momentarily press to Select which Digit Group will be affected by the knob. Minutes (default), Hours (H, default zero) and Seconds, in that order. If a non-zero Hour value is set, timer will display Hours and Minutes (HH:MM), otherwise it will display Minutes and Seconds (MM:SS).

Knob is used to change the value of the currently selected digit group. Minutes (default), Hours (H) or Seconds. When Minutes is selected, using the knob will zero the seconds.


Timer Warning Lights

Green, Yellow, Red Warning Lights.
The Select button can be used to change the time when the warning lights come on. The default times are shown in the table to the right. Press and hold the Select button to change the Yellow Blink time (the Yellow Light will start flashing) using the knob to set the new time. Momentarily pressing the select button will let you change the minutes or seconds. Press and Hold the Select button again to set the Non-Flashing Yellow Light time (the Yellow light will come on and stay on). Press Reset to exit this setup mode and return to normal timer mode.

Beep Modes
The Mode button has a secondary function, it controls the Beep Mode. To set this mode you press and hold the Mode button until the display shows “bb  1” (the default). Then use the knob to change the number:

B 0 = Disable the Beep.
B 1 = Beep when Timer reaches Zero (Default).
B 2 = Beep on each change of the Warning Lights.

More modes are available, see full manual. Press the Reset button to return to the normal timer mode.

Preset Buttons. Press and Hold to store the current timer configuration. Momentarily press to recall a stored configuration.


Real Time Clock.

Press to show the time in 24H or 12H mode. Press and Hold to set the current time (Hour then Minute then Second).


Reference GuideCutout PDF  |  Wiring Diagram PDF