Lectern Timer TMR014B5_FM

Flush-mount Count Down Timer with built-in time-of-day clock, Black anodized AL.


 Lectern Timer Operation


  • Momentarily press to Start the timer, press again to stop it.
  • Momentarily press to Reset to a preset start time.
  • Press and hold to store a power-up Preset timer configuration.
  • Set the time to zero and then press and hold Reset to return to factory default power-up.

Timer Warning Lights

The warning lights come on when the timer reaches a preset time based on the total starting time. The default times are shown in the table to the right. The Green light will come on when the timer is started and will start Flashing when the Green Flash time is reached. The Yellow light will come on when it’s time is reached and stay on until the timer reaches zero, at which point the Red light will come on and the timer will stop. Press reset to return the timer to the last start time and turn off the Red light.


Beep Mode

The timer can control the beeper in a remotely connected display. It is set to sound the beeper when the timer reaches Zero and the Red warning light comes on. Stopping the timer before it reaches Zero will prevent the beeper from sounding and turn off any warning lights.


Real Time Clock

  • Press to show the time in 24H or 12H mode.
  • Press and Hold to set the current time (Hour then Minute then Second).
  • Use the knob to change the value and pressing the Clock button to move to the next value.

Reference Guide |  Cutout PDF  |  Wiring Diagram PDF