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Enthusiastic contestants need a digital display timer which indicates  the race for success while creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Alzatex Contest Timer is the perfect product for school games, solving combination puzzles such as the Rubic's Cube, a cooking or baking competition, or any activity where two players can compete. The moderator starts the Contest Timer with the green button and the individual contestants hit the red stop button when he or she is finished.


Contest Timer for 4 Contestants

Contest timer for 4 contestants
Contest timer for 4 contestants


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Contest timer for 4 contestants. The moderator has a Green mushroom button and starts the contest. The timer starts running. The contestants compete for the correct answer. There is a red button for each of the four contestants. The contestant hits the red button when he/she has the answer. Indicator lamps in front of the winning contestant lights when the first contestant hits the button. The wall display stops and shows the time. An optional horn or beeper can sound when the first contestant hits the red button. The mushroom buttons are large and easy to operate.

The moderator can use the green mushroom button to reset the time back to zero for your next contest. Once again the moderator will press the green start button to begin the next contest timer event.

This contest timer is setup to use four contestants. My adding additional equipment, any number of contestants can compete.

Alzatex can manufacture any type of timer you can think of. If you need a custom contest or debate time, email or call us for a quote. (503) 642-9693

Game Scoring

Game Scoring for Lilo and Stich Exhibit
lilostich1 lilostich2

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Who can get the most points?

Each time you get a ball in the hole or complete the assigned task, you earn points.