Presentation Timer

Presentation Timer is a simple countdown timer that lets both the presenter and audience know how much time is left for the presentation. Your presentation time is configured with your control unit. You can add presets to your presentation timer for common presentation times. The timer always allows for accurate countdown times. Adding a beep at the end of a presentation can be programmed in as well or removed by choice, depending on the need for each presenter.

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Request To Speak System

Request to Speak System by Alzatex, Inc. is a very popular management control to allow timely sorting of public speakers, orderly ques for meetings that can display each speaker on a digital board, and/or for management of votes at a public meeting or any type of conference.
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Contest Timers

Enthusiastic contestants need a digital display timer indicating the race for success while creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Alzatex Contest Timers are the perfect product for school games, solving combination puzzles such as the Rubic's Cube, a cooking or baking competition, or any activity where two or more players can compete or have scores tracked.

Choose from a variety of product features which:

  • Allow a moderator to start the competition with a green button and two (2) contestants finish the competition with a red stop button.
  • Allow two (2) contestants to start and stop their competition with individual control buttons, each contestant's score displaying on separate digital screens.
  • Allow up to four (4) contestants with moderator tapping the start button and the first contestant to complete the assigned task taps the stop button. A large wall display indicates the actual time while an additional display indicates the fastest time. A beeper or horn can be added for better effect.
  • Allow two (2) to three (3) contestants to tap a start button at the beginning of the event, obstacle course or race and tap the stop button upon completing the event. The timer shows the winning time.
  • Or, allow individual gaming scores to display above each game console.
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Connecting Crestron, AMX or Computers to Alzatex Products

Simplify life with the ability to connect your Alzatex digital display to Creston or AMX! Commands from your tablet, laptop or notebook computer systems give you the flexibility to go anywhere with your digital display: red-yellow-green lamps, presentation timers. Just as you can remotely turn on your business' conference room projector and screen, window shades, audio systems, and video cameras with Creston and AMX, you can add this same functionality to your Alzatex product.

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Hospital Compliance Timer

Hospital Compliance is not only necessary it is ethical. Most Hospitals have a system in place which allows for successful achievement of Hospital Compliance. These are the values, which drive daily work actions, including patient care and safety. This provides a high level of integrity for the Hospital and maintains a good reputation.

Spelling out a code of conduct for Hospital Compliance can assist in expectations and proper conduct in the work place with all employees. This goes a long way to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare system. This is very important for overall hospital compliance in general. Adopting clear standards of behavior to ensure activities and business interactions conducted by and on behalf of the hospital are in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations relative to business and Hospital Compliance.

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